Preschool Group Programs

Programs Available 

A typical preschool program averages one hour including both indoor & outdoor experiences, a story read by a naturalist, going on a short hike to observe nature, making a craft to bring home, and meeting a live animal. Some of our programs can only be offered during certain times of the year. Please look closely at the program you wish to schedule and that it is available during the season of your visit. In some cases, programs can be modified.

  • Amazing Amphibians (Spring, Summer, Fall) Learn about amphibians and their life cycles on a short hike to a pond. Meet and touch a live animal.
  • Animals in Winter (Winter)– Learn how animals prepare for a chilly winter and meet some live animals who adapt to the cold.
  • Bugs (Summer, Fall)- Take a short hike and explore bug life and habitats. Meet a creature that eats bugs for lunch.
  • Colors in Nature (Spring, Summer, Fall)- Discover how plants and animals use color in special ways and meet a live animal.
  • Exploring Nature with Our Senses (Spring, Summer, Fall)- Use your senses to see, touch, hear, and smell the wonders of nature.
  • Feathered Friends (Spring, Summer, Fall)- Go birding to look for signs of bird activity, learn how to call to owls, and meet a live bird.
  • Hibernation (Fall, Winter)- Investigate hibernation hiding places, sing a song and meet a live animal that hibernates in the winter months.
  • Maple Syruping (March Only)- Tap a tree and sample some home-made maple syrup.
  • Orchard Fun (Fall)- Walk through CNC’s apple orchard to learn how apples grow. You’ll pick apples and try fresh pressed apple cider.
  • Planting Party (Spring, Summer)- Learn how seeds turn into beautiful plants. You’ll then plant seeds to take home.
  • Rabbits (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)- Meet our ambassador rabbit Sapa and learn where he lives, how he moves, and what he eats.
  • Turtles (Spring, Summer, Fall)- Learn about the fascinating lives of turtles, and observe their amazing adaptations by meeting one.

$5.00 per child/$50.00 program minimum

Certified teachers and Student Aids are FREE

Group Size: We recommend, although not required, a student-to-adult ratio of 10:1. School staff and parent chaperones are free of charge. During the program, our team may ask group leaders to divide their students into smaller groups for a better field experience. You can call before your program if you would like to know how many field groups will be needed.

  • Teachers, inform parents/chaperones to lead by example by limiting conversations amongst other adults during the program. This is a distraction to the naturalist and the students.
  • If you have any differently-abled students, please let your booking contact know so we can ensure the best learning experience possible for all students.

Scheduling Dates: Reservations for each season will be taken after the following dates:

School Year – May 1

Summer – January 1

Contact: For more information, and to book a program, please call Program Director Sarah Germscheid.
Phone: 651-437-4359 ext. 103

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