Girl Scouts

Programs Available

Each program was created using the 2011 Girl Scout Handbooks. Program activities are specifically designed to help scouts meet the requirements for earning badges. Programs cover a portion of the requirements for each badge, and CNC naturalist staff work closely with leaders to offer suggestions for additional activities to be completed with your den to fulfill remaining badge requirements. Some of our programs can only be offered during certain times of the year. Please look closely at the program you wish to schedule and that it is available during the season of your visit. In some cases programs can be modified.

Our programming is geared towards Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors. Cadette and Senior programs are available upon request.

  • Snow Adventure – Explore the wonders of winter at CNC as we look for animal tracks outside, make snow art, and even enjoy a sweet treat! *Program offered December – March* 
  • Trail Adventure – Learn the basics of staying safe and preparing for any adventure. Head outside for a fun nature scavenger hunt and meet native creatures you may see in the wild.
  • Eco Learner – Learn the 7 principles of Leave No Trace and how they help keep you and all living things safe while adventuring outdoors. Enjoy a nature scavenger hunt as we keep our eyes open for trash. Meet some live CNC animal ambassadors and learn why protecting the outdoors is important for all living things!
  • Outdoor Art Maker – Explore the sights and sounds of nature while making art! Enjoy an art project to take home.
  • Journey: 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals – Meet the first requirement of your journey when you visit CNC for a behind-the-scenes look at our Animal Care area. We will learn what it takes to take care of animals and get to meet a few up-close! Finish the program by making seeds balls. These make perfect gifts to teach others the importance of habitat for native wildlife.
  • Journey – Math in Nature: Complete all three journeys at once! We will go on a hike in search of items to count, sort, and measure in nature. Take home an art project inspired by the natural world around us.


$65 program minimum, which includes up to 10 scouts

$5 for every additional scout over 10

Group leaders are FREE

$10 material fee applies to specific programs

Payment will be collected the day of the program

Group Size: The ideal group size is 10 scouts. Please call to discuss options for larger groups. Given enough time in advance, we can arrange classes for larger groups.

  • Scout leaders, inform parents/chaperones to lead by example by limiting conversations amongst other adults during the program. This is a distraction to the naturalist and the students.
  • If you have any differently-abled students, please let your booking contact know so we can ensure the best learning experience possible for all students.

Scheduling Dates: Programs unless indicated are offered during Fall, Spring, and Summer.

Contact: For more information, and to book a program, please call CNC and ask to speak with Outreach Program Coordinator Abbey Holden.
Phone: 651-437-4359 ext. 118

Helpful Tips

Site Use: Your group will be at the Carpenter Nature Center. CNC staff ask that you remind your students to be respectful and practice good outdoor ethics. Inform your students not to collect materials unless otherwise permitted by your naturalist. Ask your students to move slowly and quietly around the Nature Center’s animal ambassadors inside the Visitor Center.

Clothing: A majority of the program will take place outdoors. Remind students and chaperones to dress properly for the weather to ensure all participants are comfortable, safe, and enjoying the field trip experience. CNC staff recommends students wear a close-toed shoe that is secure to the foot. Layers for the spring and fall seasons are great. In the winter, insulated boots with good tread, a warm pair of pants or snow pants, a hat that covers the ears, a scarf, and mittens or insulated gloves. Teachers, it is your responsibility to inform CNC if you feel your students are not prepared well for the weather and want to reschedule.

Weather: If the weather is inclement on the day of your visit, we ask that you please call ahead if you wish to reschedule your visit. Please be mindful that our program calendar fills during our busy seasons, and we may be unable to accommodate a rescheduled date. CNC staff can offer a ‘rainy day’ program substitute for same-day field trip programming.  If your group is already at the Nature Center when severe weather occurs, staff will take the necessary precautions to ensure the group’s safety.

Ticks: Ticks are most active during March – October and can be found in tall grasses, brush, and wooded areas. During your visit, students may encounter these conditions. Remind your students and their parents to perform a “tick check” when they get home. Wearing long pants is encouraged, or other tick-repellent clothing can help prevent ticks.