Cub Scouts

The naturalist staff at CNC is committed to offering relevant, enriching experiences for Cub Scouts. Each program was created using the Cub Scout Handbooks, and program activities are specifically designed to help boys meet requirements for earning badges. Programs cover a portion of the requirements for each badge, and CNC naturalist staff work closely with leaders to offer suggestions for additional activities to be completed with your den to fulfill remaining badge requirements. Programs are 2 hours in length, and are offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer, unless otherwise indicated.

Cub Scouts

Programs Available

Some of our programs can only be offered during certain times of the year. Please look closely at the program you wish to schedule and that it is available during the season of your visit. In some cases programs can be modified. Call 651-437-4359 for more information.


  • Backyard Jungle*—Look, listen, and get up close to plants, bugs, birds, and other animals! Build a birdhouse and bring home a plant to put in your garden.
  • Tigers in the Wild‡—Take a hike and discover the amazing plants and animals that call our area home. Learn how to be respectful of nature when you go hiking.


  • Call of the Wild‡—Hike the trails and learn to identify various native animals. Learn how to be respectful of nature when you go hiking.
  • Paws on the Path—Identify plants, insects, birds, mammals, and other animals on a hike while practicing how to be respectful of nature. Learn hiking safety and what to do if you get lost.
  • Digging in the Past‡—Travel back in time and learn about dinosaurs! Invent your own dinosaur, make a fossil cast, and make a delicious dinosaur snack.
  • Grow Something—Become a botanist! Learn about the plants that grow in our area, and begin to grow plants that you can observe at home.


  • Fur, Feathers, and Ferns*—Practice the outdoor code while you hike, observe wildlife from a distance, and look at plants close-up. Learn how you can help endangered  animals, and bring home a plant to put in your garden.


  • Webelos Walkabout—Lace up your shoes for a long hike through the forest and prairie! Practice the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace, and learn about various dangerous plants and animals.
  • Earth Rocks!—Learn about rocks from a geologist! Travel back in time and discover the geological history of our area. Identify rocks you find on a geology hike.
  • Into the Wild‡—Learn about the balance of nature by studying the ecosystems of our area. Watch wildlife as you hike through the prairie, woods, and wetlands.
  • Into the Woods‡—Identify trees and other plants that are common in our area, learn how they grow, and discover the important role they play in ecosystem health.

* All badge requirements completed during program

‡ Program offered during all four seasons


$65 program minimum, which includes up to 10 scouts

$5 for every additional scout over 10

Group leaders are FREE

$10 material fee applies to specific programs

Payment will be collected the day of the program.

Group Size
The ideal group size is 10 scouts. Please call to discuss options for larger groups. Given enough time in advance, we can arrange classes for larger groups.

Mobility Limitations
CNC welcomes all participants regardless of abilities. Please inform us if there will be a participant with limited mobility when scheduling so that we may make appropriate accommodations.

Medical Emergencies
CNC staff is First Aid & CPR certified and trained to respond to emergencies. However, participants must bring their own medication if necessary.

CNC staff is prepared to deal with most discipline situations. A naturalist may ask for the teacher’s assistance if problems arise.

Accommodations for the Weather
The majority of programs take place outside. It is essential that leaders properly prepare participants to dress for the weather and the chance of getting dirty. CNC staff is prepared to go out in any weather. Leaders are responsible for canceling or rescheduling if participants aren’t prepared for the field trip.