Birthday Adventures


Programs Available

CNC is a great place to celebrate your child’s birthday! These two hour adventures include one hour of naturalist-led activities and a one-hour room rental where you can do your own family-led activities. All programs include hands-on activities, a hike with the naturalist, and a live animal presentation. Adventures are for ages 5 years and up. Please select a theme from the list below or inquire about other ideas.  We can adapt a party topic or develop a new one based on a favorite animal or other part of nature if given adequate time to prepare.

“Hoppy” Birthday!( Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) Where do rabbits live? What do wild rabbits eat? What do they do during the winter? Find out by taking an outdoor hike and meeting a live rabbit.

Sky Hunters(Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) Have you ever wondered what a bird of prey eats or how it flies? Learn this and many exciting features about raptors…and you’ll get to meet a Great Horned Owl or a Red Tailed Hawk!

Wildlife Adventures(Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) What animals live at Carpenter Nature Center? Search for animal clues while on a hike, and then get a close up look at some live animals.

Slither, Crawl, and Hop– (Spring, Summer, Fall) Snakes, frogs, and salamanders, oh my! Investigate places where some of these critters live and meet some live reptiles and amphibians!

Insect Safari(Late Spring, Summer, Early Fall) Explore the world of insects up close! We’ll hike to a grassland to go on an insect hunt with sweep nets and bug jars, then release the critters back to their homes.

Apple Cidering Party– (Fall) Visit the apple orchard and help make apple cider the “old fashioned” way. You’ll even get a taste of cider at the end!  For this program, participants will pick and take home 2 apples and there will not be a live animal presentation.

Tracks!(Winter) Winter is the perfect time to see evidence of animals!  We’ll hike to find tracks in the snow and try to figure out which animal left it and what it was doing.

If you have any differently-abled children, please let your booking contact know so we can ensure the best learning experience possible for all participants.

$100 per party (up to 10 children & 2 adults)
$90 per party for “Friends of CNC”
$5 for each additional participant

Payment will be collected the day of the program

Adventures Include
Room or shelter with tables & chairs
Guided outdoor hike
Live animal presentation (unless noted)

You Provide
Cups, plates, eating utensils
Your own activities during the 1-hour room rental

Please note that due to the environmental impact, balloons and excessive gift packaging are discouraged. Please consider reusable gift packaging, decorations, dishes, and utensils.

Contact: For more information, and to book a program, please call CNC and ask to speak with Outreach Program Coordinator Abbey Holden.
Phone: 651-437-4359 ext. 118

Site Use: Your group will be at the Carpenter Nature Center. CNC staff ask that you remind your group to be respectful and practice good outdoor ethics. Inform your group not to collect materials unless otherwise permitted by your naturalist. Ask your group to move slowly and quietly around the Nature Center’s animal ambassadors inside the Visitor Center.

Weather: All birthday parties include an outside hike. If the weather is inclement on the day of your visit, we ask that you please call ahead if you wish to reschedule your visit. Please be mindful that our program calendar fills during our busy seasons, and we may be unable to accommodate a rescheduled date.  It is your responsibility to make sure all participants are dressed for the weather.

Ticks: Ticks are most active during March – October and can be found in tall grasses, brush, and wooded areas. During your visit, children may encounter these conditions. Remind your group and their parents to perform a “tick check” when they get home. Wearing long pants is encouraged, or other tick-repellent clothing can help prevent ticks.