CNC’s Apple Orchard and Apple Shack

The Apple Shack will open for the season on around Labor Day 2022.

We will continue to have the operating store hours be Wednesday – Sunday from 9:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m. The store will be open with limited capacity of guests inside the building. Curbside pick-up will once again be offered this year.

Our apple orchard in Minnesota began as the passion of Thomas and Edna Carpenter in the early 1940’s, and today, Carpenter’s apples are some of the tastiest and healthiest apples in the community. As a nature center, we are committed to growing and providing the highest quality fruit in a sustainable environment. If you are looking for fresh, locally grown apples, you have come to the right place.

Besides apples, our Apple Shack has other quality goods for sale, including pumpkins, gourds, squash, honey, and maple syrup. We also offer a selection of gourmet jams, syrups, mustards and more. Our wildflower honey is extracted from the beehives in early September and is available while supplies last.

Curbside Service:

During Apple Shack hours you can just show up, shop our selection of apples, honey, syrup and more, and pay with cash, check or credit card. If you prefer a no-contact curbside pick up, you can check out our inventory and price list, below, and call in your order at (651)-437-4359. Orders made during Apple Shack hours will be available for pick up within an hour. Orders made outside of Apple Shack hours will be available during the next open hours. 


We proudly raise 14 varieties of high quality apples using integrated pest management, an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional apple farming. The care and hard work we put into raising our apples results in delicious apples that are sought-after highly in our community.

Even though the harvest season is short in Minnesota, we put our harvests to good use all year round. Our apples are generally ready for picking around September to October.

Check out our apple varieties and their typical harvest times:

Type Harvest Date Description
Zestar! late August sweet & spicy, very flavorful, juicy
Chestnut Crab Early/mid September large crab-apple, crisp, juicy, spicy flavor
SweeTango early to mid September Crisp, juicy, mix of sweet and tart
Sweet 16 mid/late September sweet, firm, med-acid
McIntosh mid/late September tart, firm, soft when cooked
Cortland late September tart, firm, good in salad, aromatic
Haralson mid-late September tart, crisp
Honeycrisp mid-late September crisp, juicy, sweet/slightly tart
Honey Gold September/October sweet, crisp, juicy
Fireside and

Connell Red

September/October sweet, firm
Regent September/October crisp, juicy, tart
SnowSweet mid October sweet, slightly tart, crisp, firm
Keepsake late October hard, sweet, aromatic

The above dates are estimates based on usual ripening time, and can vary year by year. Please call us at (651)-437-4359 (and ask for the Apple Shack) to check what is currently available.

For questions or further information on our orchard, please contact our Natural Resources Manager.

Natural Resources Manager
Sverre Sundgaard
Call us at 651-437-4359