MAPS Bird Banding at Spring Lake Park Reserve

Carpenter Nature Center’s research team is excited to be partnering with Dakota County Parks to study the positive impacts of reintroducing bison to the landscape. CNC’s researchers are studying nesting grassland birds, while other Dakota County Parks partners are researching butterflies, bees, snakes and many other species.  

 CNC bird banders completed the baseline year at Spring Lake Park Reserve this summer prior to the bisons’ arrival in October. Over the seven sessions of banding, CNC staff and volunteers banded a total of 248 birds from 29 different species. In addition, 17 species of bird were confirmed to be nesting on the site, and 36 additional species were determined to be probable breeders on the site. 

 Banding at this location followed the MAPS (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship) research protocol. This format will enable CNC researchers to document species diversity and survivorship (longevity) of the local nesting grassland birds. This study will reoccur at the same location for a minimum of five summers, allowing time to truly witness the influence that bison have on the ecosystem. 

You can read the weekly summaries below.

MAPS Banding Session 1 Summary

MAPS Banding Session 2 Summary

MAPS Banding Session 3 Summary

MAPS Banding Session 4 Summary

MAPS Banding Session 5 Summary

MAPS Banding Session 6 Summary

MAPS Banding Session 7 Summary