MAPS Banding Session 6

Written by and photos taken by: Delaney Osmond, Avian Field Research and Communications Intern

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Spring Lake Park Reserve

Banded: 21

Re-trap: 4

Seen/Heard: 44

Most Banded Bird of the Day: Gray Catbird (GRCA), 9 birds

Banders: Jennifer V, Linda W, Shelley B, Sonia M, Isabel M, Pam A, Loren A, Jeanne N, Maddie D-C, Rick S,  Jeremiah W, Aaron from Dakota County Parks, Delaney O

The 6th session of MAPS banding at Spring Lake Park Reserve broke the record for the least active session. While this may seem unexciting, any data collected for this project is valuable for an accurate assessment of species diversity and richness. Delaney also didn’t mind the downtime between net runs and took the opportunity to nap on the gravel road.

Species added to the probable breeder’s[1] list include Chimney Swift and Tree Swallow. No new species were added to the confirmed breeder’s[2] list this week. The observations for the Breeding Status sheet this session were thanks to Judy Chucker. Thank you so much for your help.

The most banded bird of the day was the Gray Catbird, comprising 9 of 21 (~43%) newly banded birds. 6 of the 9 Catbirds were hatch year birds. Catbirds are slightly unpopular with the banders since they are berry-eaters that tend to defacate on everything you hold dear. However, they are quite cute and interesting. Did you know that Gray catbirds can produce over 100 different sounds and that the long song of the Gray catbird can last up to 10 minutes? Gray Catbirds can also deter nest parasites, like Brown-headed Cowbirds, by memorizing the appearance of the first egg that they lay and tossing all non-matching eggs.

Thank you for your continued assistance and support!

[1] Refers to birds that exhibit courtship & copulation, territorial behavior, and/or song & drumming, but have shown no signs that would confirm breeding.

[2] Refers to birds that have a current year’s nest, are seen carrying nest material or food, perform distraction displays, or is a local bird.