Frequently Asked Questions

Since the initial gift of land by the Heins in 1989, Carpenter has always envisioned, and worked toward, a permanent facility on the Wisconsin Campus that would help to further our mission. In 2008, we acquired the final parcel for the Wisconsin Campus and, since then, have worked to develop a natural resource management plan approved by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and an Integrated Site Plan. We have strategically built up awareness and support in the Hudson community and beyond, as well as increased fundraising and staffing so that we can staff both the Minnesota and Wisconsin Campuses daily. We have reached a point where we know we have the community support, the ability to raise the funds and the demand to make this project successful.

The Wisconsin Campus is open from Dawn until Dusk, 365 days per year.

Access to the site and new visitor center will be free of charge. Program fees will be kept low to ensure access for all.

Pets are welcome on both campuses as long as they are leashed, and owners pick up after them. Keeping pets on a leash is extremely important, both for visitor safety, and to protect ground nesting birds.

Carpenter Nature Center offers, and will continue to offer, a multitude of birding programs, plant identification hikes, invasive species programs, owl prowls, owl banding, an annual art festival, and much more. Once a facility is built we will be able to accommodate K-12 field trips as well as expand public programming.

Carpenter Nature Center (aka The Thomas C. & Edna D. Carpenter Foundation) is a 501c3 nonprofit. We rely on private donations to operate, and any donation made to Carpenter Nature Center is tax deductible, to the full extent of the law.