Stock Contributions

Appreciated stocks make an excellent gift to CNC and may offer you substantial tax advantages. Contribute securities that have increased in value and avoid capital gains tax that is incurred when you sell appreciated assets. You’ll also get a charitable tax deduction for the full market value of the assets, regardless of what you paid for them. ATTENTION ANDERSEN RETIREES—Due to a special partnership with the St. Croix Valley Foundation, we are able to accept donations of appreciated Andersen stock, which is normally non-transferable.

Retirement IRA Giving

The IRA Charitable Rollover allows individuals age 70.5 or older to transfer up to $100,000 per year directly from their IRA accounts to qualified charities without incurring federal income tax on the withdrawal. The direct transfer to charity also satisfies your required minimum distribution. Please consult your financial advisor to find out how this would work for you.

Workplace Giving Programs

Many corporations partner with organizations like the United Way to offer their employees the option to make donations through planned payroll deductions. If your workplace offers such a giving program, you may have the option to channel your funds to the CNC. Contact your employer for more information.

Matching Gift Programs

In order to encourage philanthropic giving by their employees and retirees, many corporations offer to match gifts made to  charitable organization. Contact your employers to see if your gift to the CNC can be matched.

Donor Advised Funds

If you have a Donor Advised Fund established with an organization such as the St. Croix Valley Foundation, you may have the  option to channel donations to Carpenter Nature Center. Contact the administrative organization associated with your Donor Advised Fund to learn more.

Other Types of Gifts

Carpenter Nature Center, in partnership with the St. Croix Valley Foundation, can help you arrange to donate in other ways such as bonds, treasury notes, mutual funds, property, and planned giving.

Call (651) 437-4359 and speak to Erika Jensen to ask questions and make arrangements.