You did it! CNC has unlocked $14,000 in matching gifts because you helped us raise $30,000+ in year-end donations!

Thank you to the Carlson and Northard families for generously contributing matching funds!

Benchmark Bonuses

Wacky Ways the CNC Team is Showing Donor Appreciation!

To express our gratitude for the generosity of our year-end donors, the CNC team will be completing a series of wacky tasks when each of our fundraising benchmarks is reached! Visit our social media platforms for videos of our antics!

$13,000 raised —> $2,000 match UNLOCKED 12/8/21

Tess will dress as a flying squirrel and climb a tree! Click here to view video!

$19,000 raised —> additional $4,000 UNLOCKED 12/22/21

Jen and Jessie will jump in Lake St. Croix! Click here to view video!

$24,000 raised —> additional $3,000 UNLOCKED 12/29/21

Todd and Abbey will get slimed! Click here to view the video!

$28,000 raised —> additional $3,000 UNLOCKED 12/30/21

Board of Directors President Paul will wear a cockroach coat! Click here to view the video!

$30,000 raised —> final $2,000 match UNLOCKED 1/2/22

As a thank you for helping us reach our ultimate fundraising goal, Executive Director Jen will host an exclusive Cider Social for year-end donors at CNC!

How to Donate

Click here to give online!

Mail cash or check to CNC

Credit card donations can be made over the phone by calling 651-437-4359

We also accept payments through PayPal and GiveMN

Stocks and some other types of securities can be gifted as well

Contact CNC Development Coordinator Erika Jensen for details