Planned Giving – leave a legacy

Tom Carpenter2

Edna Carpenter

 The Carpenter Society 
Leaves a Legacy for Future Generations

Those of us who walk Carpenter Nature Center’s woodland, wetland and prairie trails appreciate the changing seasons. The flood and flow of the St. Croix, the migration of birds and the rhythms of prairie life remind us that while individual life is transient, the cycles of life endure.
A Legacy Gift to the Carpenter Nature Center continues beyond our time and
benefits those who walk after us.
We all value access to healthy wildlife habitat and opportunities for our children to enjoy learning about the natural world. Your gift can ensure that Carpenter Nature Center is serving our community for generations to come.

To view or download a printable brochure, please click here.

For more information
or to discuss your Legacy Gift, please call
Jennifer Vieth at (651) 437-4359.