Apple Orchard

A highlight of your Carpenter visit should be the Apple Orchard. The orchard began as a passion of Thomas and Edna Carpenter in the early 1940’s and continues today.  The mission of our modern day orchard is to grow high quality produce in an ecological and sustainable manner.

Carpenter’s apples are some of the tastiest and healthiest apples in Minnesota. Our staff watches them ripen, catch the frost to improve their sweetness and then picks them at their best. They are quickly sorted and graded and stored at the proper temperature to keep their freshness.

The Apple Shack has other quality goods for sale.  Pumpkins, gourds, squash, honey, and decorative corn are available later in September.  We also offer a large selection of gourmet jams, jellies, syrups, salad dressings, and delicious apple salsa.

Our wildflower honey is extracted from the bee hives in early September and is available while supplies last. 

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Our apples are proudly grown with integrated pest management techniques.  If we don’t have to spray with chemicals, we won’t!  Wherever possible, alternative methods are used.  The result?  Safer, healthier apples for you and your family!  IPM employs biological and cultural practices to keep pest populations below damaging levels.

This includes scouting for pests, using insect pheromones to either trap insects directly or disrupt their mating cycle, and sanitation of the orchard through removal of all windfall apples and any dead or diseased wood.

If chemicals are needed, CNC selects an effective product that requires the least number of applications and also has the least impact on the environment.

This picture shows two methods of biological controls: an apple maggot trap with attractant scent, and in the background, a coddling moth mating disruption pheromone embedded in a twist-tie.


Type Harvest Date Description
Zestar! early Sept sweet & spicy, very flavorful, juicy
Sweet Tango late August sweet with a hint of tart, juicy, crisp
Chestnut Crab early Sept large crabapple, crisp, juicy, spicy flavor
Sweet 16 mid Sept sweet, firm, med-acid
McIntosh mid/late Sept tart, firm, soft when cooked
Haralson mid-late Sept tart, crisp
Honeycrisp mid-late Sept explosively crisp, juicy, sweet/slightly tart
Cortland late Sept tart, firm, good in salad, aromatic
Honey Gold Sept/October sweet, crisp, juicy
Fireside and Connell Red Sept/October sweet, firm
Regent Sept/October crisp, juicy, tart
Keepsake October hard, sweet, aromatic, long storage capability

 For questions or further information on our orchard, please contact our Horticulturist.