Zero Waste

What is Zero Waste?

Here at Carpenter Nature Center we try to reduce our impact in the environment by trying to be a zero waste center. This means we try to use products that can be reused, recycled or composted.

One of the ways we try to reduce waste is by encouraging people to bring waste free lunches. Here’s an example of a waste free lunch:

*All food can be composted! Like Sandwiches, Apples, Brownies and Crackers.

*Paper Napkins can be composted or use cloth napkins that can be reused

* Paper Juice Box which can be composted

* Resuable Lunchbox or a Paper Lunchbag (which can be composted)

*Carry food in resuable containers and eat products that come in minimal packaging.

A helpful hint to consider when producing little waste here at Carpenter and other Zero Waste Facilities is; Paper Products and Food can be composted. Try to use these products when you can or use recyclable or reusable materials.

The average childs lunch creates 67 pounds of waste per school year! Thanks for your help in trying to reduce that amount.

Some helpful links to learn more about green initiatives:

For a helpful guide on composting click here:

Environmental Protection Agency:

Waste Free Lunches :

AAA State of Play:  How to reduce plastic waste for schools and families

BioBag: Great compostable bags of all sizes.  This company also has a Max Air counter top backyard composting system.

Ecoproducts: A useful supplier of many green products, including compostables.

Green Home Inc.: A great resource for environmental products.

Resourceful Bag & Tag, Inc. : This company is  the supplier of the “Clear Stream” X-framed, collapsible, events recycling, waste and  composting containers that you are likely to see at the Living Green Expo. The benefit of these containers are that the bags are clear so that event attendees can see where to place the item they are getting rid of.

Restore: A local company who has green cleaning products & bottle refilling stations.

World Centric: World Centric is a non-profit working with many green products.